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Under Iowa law, Statements of Charges and Final Decisions in disciplinary proceedings are public records. See Iowa Code § 272C.6(4). In an effort to increase public accessibility to these documents and overall accountability, the Board has elected to post public documents to its website in a searchable format. The Board will not consider applications to remove public documents from the Board’s website.

An individual may, however, submit a request to the Board pursuant to Iowa Administrative Code rule 657—14.5, if the individual believes the Board has published confidential documents or information. The individual must cite the applicable provision of law or court order which makes such documents or information confidential.

Board Orders/Discipline - Iowa Board of Pharmacy
Title Link to Content
Anderson, David ARNP Dowload PDF
Anderson, Janee Dowload PDF
Anderson, Mary K. Dowload PDF
Anderson, Rockford (2015-123) Dowload PDF
Ankeny Pharmacy (2015-123) Dowload PDF
Apothecary 24, Inc. Dowload PDF
Apria Healthcare, Inc. Dowload PDF
Ashby, Laurie Dowload PDF
Ashby, Peggy Dowload PDF
Asher, Jimmie L. Dowload PDF
Ashton, Daniel Dowload PDF
Atlantic Medical Center Dowload PDF
Avant, Yulanda Dowload PDF
Babcock, Bruce A. Dowload PDF
Bachelder, Michael Dowload PDF
Bader, Thomas W. Dowload PDF
Badura, Cornell M. Dowload PDF
Bainbridge, Scott W. Dowload PDF
Baker Drug Dowload PDF
Baker, Gary E. Dowload PDF
Baldi, Daniel (2012-64) Dowload PDF
Baldwin, Diane Louise Dowload PDF
Balmer, David Dowload PDF
Banghart, Halie M. Dowload PDF
Barama Drug Dowload PDF