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Criminal History

Initial Applicants: You must disclose all convictions, regardless of where or how long ago they occurred.  Failure to disclose a criminal conviction could result in delays in processing or denial of your application.

Renewals: You are required to disclose only convictions from the time of your last application.

The following information is required to be submitted for any criminal conviction:

  • Complete criminal record – At a minimum a copy of the criminal complaint and final court Order will be required.
    • Records can be obtained by contacting the Clerk of Courts in the county where the charges were filed.
  • Personal statement explaining the criminal conviction and whether the conviction directly relates to the practice of pharmacy. A conviction is directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the profession if either (1) the actions taken in furtherance of an offense are actions customarily performed within the scope of the practice of pharmacy, or (2) the circumstances under which an offense was committed are circumstances customary to the practice of pharmacy.
  • All evidence of rehabilitation that you wish to be considered.
    • This could include a description of the circumstances relative to the offense, including any aggravating and mitigating circumstances or social conditions surrounding commission of the offense, any treatment undertaken, any letters of reference, or anything else pertaining to the present fitness of the applicant.

Submitting print outs from Iowa Courts Online is not sufficient information.

You are strongly encouraged to perform a background check on yourself through Iowa Courts Online or to have your employer perform one prior to submitting your application. If any convictions that were not dismissed can be found on Iowa Courts, it is required that they are disclosed when applying.  Keep in mind that the Iowa Courts Online database only shows Iowa state court convictions. 

The list of the Board’s disqualifying convictions can be found in the Applications and Forms section below.

Please review 657 IAC Chapter 31 for more information.