CSA-Individual Registration Expiration Date Conversion and Fees

On April 27th, 2020, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy began the process of converting Controlled Substances Act (CSA) Individual registration expiration dates to match the professional license expiration date of the practitioner when the practitioner renews his/her registration online.

The practitioner must provide his/her professional license number and expiration date in the Board of Pharmacy online profile so when the practitioner submits the online CSA renewal, the CSA registration expiration date will match with the professional license expiration date. This may mean a practitioner will need to renew the CSA registration again in a few months. If the expiration date of the professional license is less than 180 days from the current CSA expiration, the practitioner will not be charged a renewal fee for that short renewal period. In the future, the professional license must be renewed before a practitioner will be permitted to renew his/her CSA registration.

The CSA renewal fee is $45 per year so the conversion fees are as follows:

Initial Renewal Term with Conversion         Fee for Converted Expiration

1 - 179 days from current expiration date     $0

180 - 366 days from current expiration         $45

367 - 731 days from current expiration         $90

732 - 1096 days from current expiration       $135

1097 - 1461 days from current expiration     $180

1462 - 1826 days from current expiration     $225

1827 - 2191 days from current expiration     $270

At this time, renewal applications submitted through the mail will be renewed on the same two-year schedule as in the past. Individual researchers’ CSA registrations will be renewed on the same two-year schedule as well.


Printed from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website on September 17, 2021 at 12:22pm.