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CSA Registration Changes

  • Individual practitioners or researchers may submit changes to their address, contact information, registered drug schedules, etc. online. Name changes may be submitted through the Board of Pharmacy Name Change Form and must be accompanied by a legal name change document or a copy of their updated professional license.
    • Changes to your CSAR must be processed before you contact the DEA to make subsequent changes to your DEA registration.
  • Businesses may submit limited changes to their registration through their online profile.
    • The following businesses with no Board of Pharmacy primary license shall submit the CSA-Business application ( and fee for DBA name changes and/or location changes:
      • Care Facilities
      • EMS Programs
      • Teaching Institutions
      • Religious Organizations
      • Clinics
      • Jails (Fee exempt)
      • Animal Shelters
      • Dog Training Programs (Fee exempt if law enforcement)
      • Narcotic/Medication Assisted Treatment Programs
      • Researchers
      • Analytical Laboratories
    • The following businesses that hold a primary license with the Board of Pharmacy shall submit the appropriate primary license change application ( and fee for changes to the business name, location, ownership, pharmacist-in-charge, or facility manager, as applicable:
      • Distributors and manufacturers
      • Pharmacies (including hospital pharmacies)
      • Outsourcing Facilities