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How will the Board deal with interns from colleges located outside of Iowa who only work a few hours (one summer) in Iowa, but who then transfer all of their out-of-state hours here to take our Board exam?

Students must register as an Iowa pharmacist-intern prior to working in Iowa. They must submit an affidavit of training for the hours worked in Iowa.

What if the above-mentioned student wants us to transfer their Iowa hours to another state?

We will transfer hours earned in Iowa.

What if a pharmacist, who is not a preceptor, signs off on the affidavit?

A preceptor must complete and sign the affidavit.

What about students who don't work in Iowa until near the end of their internship/school year, and don't register as an intern until most of their rotations are over?

They will not receive the 1500 hours of academic credit.

Can a student have an out-of-state preceptor complete the affidavit?


What if the student is only working as an intern for money and is not recording the hours?

The intern does not need to submit an affidavit, but must have a preceptor assigned to him/her.

How will the Board deal with interns who earn their hours out-of-state?

Students must contact the out-of-state Board of Pharmacy and comply with their requirements, including registering as an intern if required.

How are hours earned in another state reported to Iowa?

The intern should report hours to the Board of Pharmacy in the state the hours are earned, and have that Board certify hours worked and accepted by that Board to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. In addition, interns from colleges located in Iowa should have their out-of-state preceptor complete the Iowa Pharmacist Internship affidavits of training.

Does my preceptor have to fill out both affidavits of training?

No, the preceptor only fills out one affidavit of training for the periods of practice/training.

How can I get affidavits of training?

This form can be obtained by calling the Board at (515) 281-5944 or contacting Becky Hall .

Can I cut the affidavit of training into two separate affidavits and submit for credit?

No. The Board will not grant credit for internship training if the affidavit of training sheet has been cut into two separate affidavits. Individual affidavits on the same page can be completed by different preceptors.

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