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November 23, 2019

Telepharmacy Opening Inspection Checklist


Prior to the site inspection of the proposed telepharmacy site the following documentation needs to be forwarded to the compliance officer completing the inspection.

  • Monthly inspection report.(657-13.9(5) ).
  • Label to be used, including all information to be provided to the patient.
  • Proof of telepharmacy technician training required.
    • 2000 hours as CPhT, 1000 hours Iowa 160 hours in the managing pharmacy.
  • Security entry log.
  • Policy and Procedures (657-13.21).
  • Telepharmacy agreement with the managing pharmacy (657-13.3(1) ).
  • Pharmacist training.

To assist you in preparing for the site visit, be aware that the compliance officer’s assessment will include, but not be limited to, compliance with the following:

  • Security (657-13.8(3)
  • Video at telepharmacy and managing pharmacy including testing and verification.
  • Rx processing (including the visualization by the pharmacist at the managing site).
  • Signage of the telepharmacy site.
  • Display of hours a Pharmacist will be at the telepharmacy site.
  • Counseling Signage (657-13.8(4) ).
  • Patient Counseling demonstration at telepharmacy (657-13.8(5) ).
  • Emergency preparedness plan (657-13.9(2) ).
  • Testing of the alarm system and viewing record on the entry log.
  • Testing of the video recording system and viewing of record at the managing site.
  • Technician name badge (657-11(4) ).
  • Documentation of pharmacist verification and counseling.
  • Pseudoephedrine registrations and system.
  • Interviews of supporting technicians and pharmacists.