Question: How do I get a list of all the pharmacies or pharmacists currently licensed in Iowa?

Answer: We can provide lists, labels, or computer files, sorted in any order you specify, of pharmacists, pharmacies, or any other Board licensees or registrants. See Pharmacy Directory for further information.

Question: What are the continuing education credits required if a pharmacist wants to participate in a standing order to dispense naloxone?

Answer: The board rules being proposed would require one hour of continuing education in opioid antagonist utilization prior to participating in a standing order to dispense naloxone. The board’s website has links to several free continuing education courses to meet this requirement . Thereafter, the...

Question: Do we need to be licensed to ship prescription devices to end users in Iowa?

Answer: There is currently no license required for the distribution of prescription medical devices directly to patients pursuant to the order of a qualified prescriber. This includes medical gases and oxygen. The distribution of prescription medical devices, including medical gases and oxygen, at...

Question: How do I become a licensed Drug Wholesaler in the state of Iowa?

Answer: All applications for a wholesaler's license are available from the Board office via phone, fax, mail, or E-mail requests to Cassie Lee . All applications are to be completed in their entirety and submitted to the Board office with the check, cashier's check or money order for the appropriate fee...

Question: Has Iowa law changed (as it pertains to compounding)?

Answer: Not yet. The rulemaking process is underway to incorporate all of the changes made by the federal Compounding Quality Act. The new compounding rules will be in Chapter 20. In addition, the new Chapter 20 rules will require pharmacies engaged in compounding to comply with USP <795> for...

Question: What do I need to do to take necessary tests to become licensed to practice pharmacy in Iowa?

Answer: There are various means available for initial licensure in Iowa: exam, score transfer, license transfer (reciprocity), and foreign pharmacy graduate certification. See Original Licensure for more information.

Question: When will the naloxone rules become effective?

Answer: The board’s plan is to file the rule making with emergency adoption, so that the rules would become effective upon filing. This could potentially be within the first week of November 2016.

Question: Reporting address or employment changes.

Answer: Within 10 days of an address or employment change, submit the change to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy in writing by mail, fax, or E-mail to Ann Jarnagin . Be sure to include your license or registration number as well as your previous and current address or employer address information.

Question: May a pharmacy honor a discount coupon for a controlled substance, including a pseudoephdreine product?

Answer: A pharmacy may honor an original manufacturer’s discount coupon presented by a patient for the purchase of a controlled substance, including a pseudoephedrine-containing product. A pharmacy may not discount a controlled substance upon presentation of a copy of a manufacturer’s discount coupon for...

Question: How does a pharmacy technician register and are they certified through the Board of Pharmacy?

Answer: Any pharmacy technician must be registered within 30 days of employment as a technician. A certified pharmacy technician must complete the application for certified pharmacy technician and submit the application with the registration fee of $40. An individual who is beginning employment or training...


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