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Intern Medical Conditions

Be advised that the application for pharmacist-intern registration asks about any medical conditions you have that might impair your ability to perform the duties of a pharmacist-intern with reasonable skill and safety.


“Ability to perform required pharmacist-related tasks with reasonable skill and safety” means ALL of the following:

  • The cognitive capacity to use pharmacy systems to obtain necessary patient and prescription related information to process prescriptions
  • The ability to effectively communicate information to pharmacists, interns, providers, other technicians, pharmacy support persons, and patients
  • The ability to perform required tasks such as filling prescriptions, stocking medications, replenishing pharmacy supplies, and other tasks as determined by the pharmacist on duty

“Medical condition” means any physiological, mental, or psychological condition, impairment, or disorder, including drug addiction and alcoholism.

“Chemical substances” means alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, or medications, including those taken pursuant to a valid prescription for legitimate medical purposes and in accordance with the prescriber’s direction, as well as those used illegally.

“Currently” does not mean on the day of, or even in weeks or months preceding the completion of this application.  Rather, it means recently enough so that the use of chemical substances or medical conditions may have an ongoing impact on the ability to function and perform the duties required of a technician, or has adversely affected the ability to function and perform the duties required of a technician within the past two (2) years.

“Improper use of drugs or other chemical substances” means ANY of the following:

The use of any controlled drug, legend drug, or other chemical substances for any purpose other than as directed by a licensed health care practitioner; and

The use of any substance, including but not limited to, petroleum products, adhesive products, nitrous oxide, and other chemical substances for mood enhancement.

“Illegal use of drugs or other chemical substances” means the manufacture, possession, distribution, or use of any drug or chemical substance prohibited by law.

If you answer yes to any of the medical condition questions, you will be required to provide a signed and dated explanation and submit the “Verification of Medical Condition” form which is to be completed by your treating physician(s).