License Eligibility Requirements


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  1. Graduation from a recognized college of pharmacy or FPGEC certification.
  2. Proof of 1500 hours of internship must be filed with the Iowa Board. If your internship was obtained in a state other than Iowa, you must submit certification from the Board in the state in which you obtained the 1500 hours.
  3. Completion of Criminal Background Check - Once a completed application is received, a fingerprint packet will be sent to the mailing address indicated on the application.  The fingerprint packet is to be completed and returned to the Board for processing.  Do not submit fingerprint cards with the application - they will be shredded. 

GENERAL INFORMATION: Please read all application instructions and the laws and rules governing the practice of pharmacy before completing your application. Applications which are incomplete will not be processed until all required documentation and fees have been received. Applications are reviewed in date order of receipt. You must notify the Board office immediately of any changes that affect in any way your application or responses to questions on the application. Examples include arrests or convictions; change of name, address, or telephone number; licensure or disciplinary actions in another state; and incorrect answers to a question.

All application fees are nonrefundable. Once an application is submitted and the fee is paid, the withdrawal of an application or discovery of the submission of an incorrect application type does not merit return or refund of the application fee. Do not submit an application if you are unsure of which application type to submit.