Reporting Hours

Upon registration with the Board, pharmacist-interns will be provided with a registration certificate. The registered pharmacist-intern must be able to provide the certificate to verify registration any time the pharmacist-intern is practicing in a pharmacy. Registration certificates may be downloaded from the intern’s board of pharmacy user profile.

Credit for internship cannot be granted unless registration and other required records and affidavits are completed. Credit will not be given for internship experience obtained prior to registration as a pharmacist-intern.

The Board, following notification from an Iowa-located college of pharmacy, will certify all internship hours provided by successful completion of a college of pharmacy program in Iowa.  

A pharmacist-intern that wishes to accumulate and record internship training hours in Iowa in excess of the practical experience requirements of the college of pharmacy (externship/rotations) shall complete and submit notarized affidavits of experience. These affidavits shall certify only the number of hours and dates of training obtained outside a college-based clinical program as provided in rule 657—4.3(155A). For further instructions, please contact the intern licensing specialist.