Pharmacist License Renewal

A license to practice pharmacy shall expire on the second thirtieth day of June following the date of issuance of the license. A new pharmacist license issued between April 1 and June 29 will expire on the third thirtieth day of June following the date of issuance. The license renewal form shall be issued upon payment of a $180 fee.

Failure to renew the license before July 1 following expiration shall require a renewal fee of $360. Failure to renew the license before August 1 following expiration shall require a renewal fee of $450. Failure to renew the license before September 1 following expiration shall require a renewal fee of $540. Failure to renew the license before October 1 following expiration may require an appearance before the Board and shall require a renewal fee of $630. The provisions of Iowa Code section 147.11 shall apply to a license that is not renewed within five months of the expiration date. 

If a license is not renewed before its expiration date, the license is delinquent and the licensee may not practice pharmacy in the state of Iowa until the licensee reactivates the delinquent license. A pharmacist who continues to practice pharmacy in Iowa without a current license may be subject to disciplinary sanctions.

License renewal is the licensee's responsibility. As a courtesy, the board office sends a license renewal notice to each licensee at least 60 days prior to license expiration, however the option to renew will not be available more than 60 days prior to your renewal date. The renewal notice is sent via email to the licensee’s last known email address. Failure of the licensee to receive the notice does not relieve the licensee of responsibility for renewing that license prior to its expiration.  A license can be renewed online or by paper application.

Renew your license online under Online Services.  A valid credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) is required for online renewal. There will be a $2.00 convenience fee charged for online renewal and payment. Your renewal certificate will be mailed to you within a few days of your online renewal.  The Iowa Board of Pharmacy's online database was released in early 2018.  Unless you previously signed up for an account in 2018 you will not have a user login and will need to sign up for an account.


Complete a paper renewal application, available online on the Forms page. Submit your completed application with any required documentation and a check or money order payable to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy for the required fee.  

Continuing Education

The Board of Pharmacy Examiners requires 30 hours of continuing pharmacy education (CPE) each renewal period. At least 15 hours of the required 30 hours shall be ACPE-accredited provider activities in drug therapy (“01” or “02” followed by the letter “P” at the end of the universal activity number). At least two hours in ACPE-accredited pharmacy law activities (ending in "03-P") and two hours in medication/patient safety ("05-P") are also required.  If you are a pharmacist engaged in immunizing patients, at least one hour must be obtained in ACPE-accredited immunization activities ("06-P").

Documentation of CPE hours is not required to be submitted with the renewal application.  However, the Board audits a percentage of applications each year.  If you are selected for audit you will be required to submit proof of CPE hours completed at that time. 

Pharmacist License Renewal Note (applicable to 2020 license expirations only): Unless specifically exempt, continuing education is required. Please review IAC 657-2.12 for information pertaining to the continuing education requirements for pharmacist licensure. Note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will have until June 30, 2021 to complete the required continuing education. When submitting your renewal application, either on paper or online, your attestation of the completion of continuing education requirements, for this renewal only, will be interpreted to mean that you “have completed or will complete the required continuing education requirements no later than June 30, 2021.” Note that this one-time extension of the deadline for continuing education completion will have no impact on any future renewal. Continuing education requirements will continue as normal for your 2022 license renewal.

Mandatory Reporter Training
Petition for Credit for Health-Related Learning

Reactivating a Lapsed License:

A pharmacist whose Iowa license to practice pharmacy has lapsed due to nonrenewal and who wishes to reinstate that license should contact Melanie Givens for information regarding reactivating a lapsed license.

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