Renewals -- Pharmacy

General pharmacy licenses, hospital pharmacy licenses, special or limited use pharmacy licenses, and nonresident pharmacy licenses shall be renewed by December 31 of each year.

Application shall be on forms provided by the Board. Renewal applications are mailed to licensees early in November of each year. The application form for a pharmacy license shall indicate whether a pharmacy is:

  • a sole proprietorship (100% ownership) and give the name and address of the owner;
  • a partnership and the names and addresses of all partners;
  • a limited partnership and the name and addresses of the partners;
  • a corporation and the names and addresses of the officers and directors.

In addition, the form shall require:

  • the name, signature, and license number of the pharmacist in charge;
  • the names and license numbers of all pharmacists engaged in practice in the pharmacy;
  • the names and registration numbers of all pharmacy technicians working in the pharmacy;
  • the average number of hours worked by each pharmacist and pharmacy technician.
  • the sworn signature of the pharmacy owner or authorized officer.

Printed from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website on May 25, 2018 at 6:38am.