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Webinar: Updates to USP General Chapters <795> and <797>

Meeting Time
Meeting Location

Live, Webinar on 7/11/2023 and On-Demand, Webinar from live recording - release TBD
United States

Meeting Agenda

Course Description
The Iowa Board of Pharmacy reviews updates to the revised USP general chapters 795 and 797 on the compounding of
nonsterile and sterile preparations. The USP 795 and 797 revisions are in comparison to the currently official chapters. This
course is for supplemental education purposes only and does not contain all content or requirements from the revised
USP chapters 795 and 797.

Des Moines, Iowa (Virtual)
2:00pm-3:30pm CST


Registration Link (live webinar)

Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this knowledge-based course pharmacists and pharmacy technicians should be able to:
1. Review the history and purpose of the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and General Chapter <795> and <797>
2. Define the role and requirements of the designated person(s) responsible for nonsterile compounding.
3. Identify the <USP 795> revision training and evaluation requirements.
4. Explain how to develop beyond-use dating according to the USP <795> revision.
5. Discuss the scope of the USP <797> revision.
6. Recognize the requirements of Categories 1, 2, and 3 compounded sterile preparations (CSPs).
7. Define the role and requirements of the designated person for sterile compounding.
8. Identify the USP <797> revision training and evaluation requirements.
9. Describe the requirements for certification of all ISO rated environments and microbial air and surface sampling.
10. Summarize the cleaning and disinfectant requirements for sterile compounding.

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