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Pharmacist in Charge (PIC) Changes

Please familiarize yourself with the applicable rules and laws regarding the practice of pharmacy in Iowa prior to the submission of any application.

Each pharmacy shall have one pharmacist in charge (PIC). The primary responsibilities of the PIC are identified in the following rules:

The PIC is ultimately responsible for establishing and implementing policies and procedures for all operations of the pharmacy and for ensuring the pharmacy operations and practices comply with all requirements of federal and state pharmacy and drug laws, rules, and regulations.

A part-time PIC has the same obligations and responsibilities as a full-time PIC.

The PIC shall take a complete inventory of controlled substances on hand at the pharmacy upon assuming the duties of PIC.

A PIC, upon resigning the position of PIC, shall take a complete controlled substances inventory.

If a permanent PIC has been identified by the time of a vacancy of the position, a pharmacy PIC change application identifying the new PIC, along with the nonrefundable fee, is required to be submitted to the Board within ten (10) days of the change.

If a permanent PIC has not been identified by the time of the vacancy of the position, a temporary PIC shall be identified. Notification identifying the temporary PIC, on forms provided by the Board, must be submitted to the Board within ten (10) days of the vacancy. The temporary PIC of a nonresident pharmacy is not required to be an Iowa-licensed pharmacist or nonresident PIC registrant. The pharmacy shall, within 90 days of the vacancy, identify a permanent PIC and submit an application for PIC change and nonresident PIC registration, if needed, along with the nonrefundable fee(s) associated with the pharmacy license change. 

Penalty fees will be assessed for late submissions.  

The old license(s) must be returned to the Board office within ten (10) days of receiving the updated license certificate.

Please refer to the Pharmacy Applications/Forms and Online Services menu below for the most current application. Using the most current application ensures that all necessary information is appropriately captured and/or provided. 

A pharmacy license is issued in the name of the PIC and is not assignable or transferable.

Nonresident pharmacy

A change of permanent PIC for a nonresident pharmacy requires registration of the new permanent PIC if the pharmacist in charge is not currently registered by the Board or licensed to practice pharmacy in Iowa.  

A registered PIC of a nonresident pharmacy is required to notify the board in writing within ten days of any change of information included on the registration application, including the pharmacist’s name, contact information, home state license or registration information or status, and place of employment.

If a registered PIC ceases to be the pharmacist in charge of an Iowa-licensed nonresident pharmacy, the pharmacist may request that the registration be canceled.  The registration will not be automatically canceled upon notification of a PIC or employment change. 

Iowa Code 155A.13A(2) states that the pharmacist who is the pharmacist in charge of the nonresident pharmacy shall be designated as such on the nonresident pharmacy license application or renewal.

Click HERE to access the Iowa Pharmacy Law Boot Camp: Education for Iowa Nonresident Pharmacists.  The course is listed under the Featured section on the front page.  The permanent PIC of a nonresident pharmacy must supply their Statement of Credit from CPE Monitor as proof of course completion. If course credit submission to  CPE Monitor is waived, the system will not generate a certificate (Statement of Credit).

Interim PIC Changes

A pharmacy which is without its permanent pharmacist in charge, due to an extended leave of absence but who is not vacating the position, may identify an Interim PIC for a period of time not to exceed 120 days. If the permanent PIC leave of absence will extend beyond 120 days, the pharmacy must initiate a permanent PIC change in accordance with 657 IAC 8.35, via PIC Change application and nonrefundable fee. Notification of Interim PIC does not require a PIC Change application or fee. Identification and notification of an Interim PIC will not result in a permanent change of the pharmacy’s license. The purpose of the Interim PIC notification is to identify a contact person for the Board in the absence of the permanent PIC.

Nonresident Pharmacies – The interim PIC is not required to be licensed or registered with the Board.