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A pharmacist whose Iowa pharmacist license has lapsed due to non-renewal and who wishes to reactivate their license should review 657 IAC 2.13(2) to determine the appropriate method for reactivation. 

An inactive pharmacist who has been actively practicing pharmacy during the last five years in any state or states which required continuing education during that five-year period shall submit proof of continued licensure in good standing in the state or states of such practice must submit the following:

  • The paper pharmacist license renewal application
  • A check or money order for $630 made payable to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy (Do not send cash)
  • Proof that you have met the CE requirements of your active license(s)
  • Verification of an active license in good standing

An inactive pharmacist who meets one of the following criteria is encouraged to contact Melanie Givens to evaluate the requirements for reactivation:

  • Has been actively practicing pharmacy during the last five years in a state which does not require continuing education;
  • Has not been actively practicing pharmacy during the past five years, and whose license has been inactive for not more than five years; or
  • Has not been actively practicing pharmacy for more than five years 

All applicants seeking reactivation are required to complete a criminal history background check.  The applicant will receive a criminal history background check packet/fingerprint card once the application and payment is received.  The applicant must complete and pass the criminal history background check.

Please contact Melanie Givens for information or questions regarding reactivating a lapsed license.