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Pharmacy License Definitions

Nonresident pharmacy means a pharmacy, including an Internet-based pharmacy, located outside the state of Iowa which delivers, dispenses, or distributes, by any method, prescription drugs or devices to an ultimate user physically located in this state. This includes pharmacies located outside the state of Iowa, which provides routine pharmacy services to ultimate users in this state.

General Pharmacy is a location where a pharmacist provides pharmaceutical services or dispenses pharmaceutical products to patients in accordance with pharmacy laws.

Hospital Pharmacy means and includes a pharmacy licensed by the Board and located within any hospital, health system, institution, or establishment which maintains and operates organized facilities for the diagnosis, care, and treatment of human illnesses to which persons may be admitted for overnight stay at the facility.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy means a hospital pharmacy, a general pharmacy, a limited use pharmacy, in which drugs, chemicals, or poisons are prepared, compounded, dispensed, vended, distributed, or sold on a regular and recurring basis to or for the use of residents of a long-term care facility and from which related pharmacy services are delivered.

Limited Use Pharmacy may be issued based upon special conditions of use proposed by the individual pharmacy site. The board has currently recognized Nuclear Pharmacy and Correctional Facility Pharmacy as qualifying for limited use pharmacy licenses.

Telepharmacy means a licensed pharmacy that is operated by a managing pharmacy and staffed by one or more telepharmacy technicians where pharmaceutical care services, including the storage and dispensing of prescription drugs, drug utilization review, and patient counseling, are provided by a licensed pharmacist through the use of technology.