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Pharmacy License/CSA Registration Renewals

Please familiarize yourself with the applicable rules and laws regarding the practice of pharmacy in Iowa prior to the submission of any application.

Pharmacy licenses expire December 31 of each year. 

CSA registrations are biennial registrations with staggered expiration dates. 

License/registration renewal is the licensee's responsibility. As a courtesy, the Board sends a renewal notice to each licensee at least 60 days prior to license/registration expiration; however, the option to renew will not be available more than 60 days prior to the expiration date. The renewal notice is sent to the primary email address on file with the Board. Failure of the licensee to receive the notice does not relieve the licensee of the responsibility to renew the license or registration prior to its expiration.  A license can be renewed online or by paper application. Refer to the Pharmacy Applications/Forms and Online Services menu below for the most current application. Using the most current application ensures that all necessary information is appropriately captured and/or provided.

Nonresident pharmacies - please review applicable rules found in 657 IAC 19.2 and/or inspection menu for more information concerning the inspection requirements for license renewal. 

Changes to the existing pharmacy license or CSA registration are not permitted during the renewal.  

Penalty fees will be assessed for late submissions.