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Pharmacy Location Changes

Please familiarize yourself with the applicable rules and laws regarding the practice of pharmacy in Iowa prior to the submission of any application.

Instate Pharmacy - A change of pharmacy location requires submission of a pharmacy license application and nonrefundable fee. A change of location may require an on-site inspection of the new location.  The pharmacy will be issued a new license number. 

Nonresident Pharmacy - A change of pharmacy location requires the submission of a pharmacy license application, with the exception of the inspection requirement, and nonrefundable fee within ten (10) days after the issuance by the home state regulatory authority of a license bearing the new address. The pharmacy will not be issued a new license number.

A pharmacy undergoing a change in location is required to notify its Iowa patients of the change in accordance with paragraph 657 IAC 8.35(7)“d.” 

If the pharmacy also holds an Iowa CSA registration, then the application must include the nonrefundable fee to update the CSA registration.  

The old license/registration must be returned to the Board office within ten (10) days of receiving the updated license/registration certificate. 

Please refer to the Pharmacy Applications/Forms and Online Services menu below for the most current application. To ensure that all necessary information is appropriately captured and/or provided. 

Penalty fees will be assessed for late submissions.