PMP Advisory Council

The following persons have been appointed by the Governor to the eight-member Prescription Monitoring Program Advisory Council:

  • Alan Shepley, R.Ph., Mt. Vernon
  • Anthony Miller, M.D., Iowa City
  • Gloria Bernstein, R.Ph., Des Moines
  • Julie Sarcone, ARNP, West Des Moines
  • Matt Arnold, PharmD, Bettendorf
  • Yulia Johnson, D.O., Indianola
  • Tracy Mixdorf, D.O., Clear Lake

The advisory council was established by law in 2006 to provide oversight to the board of pharmacy and to the prescription monitoring program. Together, the board and the council co-manage the activities of the PMP. Jointly, the board and the council will also adopt administrative rules which specify the duties and activities of the council and related matters. The duties of the council include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Ensuring the confidentiality of the patient, prescriber, and dispensing pharmacist and pharmacy.
  2. Respecting and preserving the integrity of the patient's treatment relationship with the patient's health care providers.
  3. Encouraging and facilitating cooperative efforts among health care practitioners and other interested and knowledgeable persons in developing best practices for prescribing and dispensing controlled substances and in educating health care practitioners and patients regarding controlled substance use and abuse.
  4. Making recommendations regarding the continued benefits of maintaining the program in relationship to cost and other burdens to the patient, prescriber, pharmacist, and the board.
  5. One physician and one pharmacist member of the council include in their duties the responsibility for monitoring and ensuring that patient confidentiality, best interests, and civil liberties are at all times protected and preserved during the existence of the program.

Printed from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website on January 17, 2022 at 1:09am.