PMP Information for Practitioners

Authorized health care practitioners (prescribers and pharmacists) are able to access PMP information regarding their patients' use of controlled substances to assist them in determining appropriate treatment options and to improve the quality of patient care.  The Practitioner's Use Policy defines the terms and requirements for using the PMP. The PMP website's address is

The PMP is a health care tool for practitioners to assist in identifying potential diversion, misuse, or abuse of controlled substances by their patients while facilitating the most appropriate and effective medical use of those substances.

Users must register to receive their user name and password.  If you have registered and have not received your user name and password, or need assistance, contact Terry Witkowski.


Practitioner's Agent

A registered practitioner (prescriber or pharmacist) may now authorize up to six agents (health care professionals) to process requests for patient prescription history on behalf of the practitioner. Agent registration requires the completion and submission of both the Agent Use Policy and Agent User Registration. Completed forms may be submitted via fax, email, or regular mail.


PMP User Guide

A PMP Web Center User Guide is available for the PMP WebCenter.

Pharmacy Data Reporting Manual

All Iowa licensed pharmacies that dispense outpatient prescriptions for Schedule II, III, or IV controlled substances are required to report those prescriptions to the PMP. A PMP Data Collection Manual is available for the PMP WebCenter. This manual provides information for pharmacies regarding required report and data formats, options for report submission, timing of report submissions, correcting erroneous or missing data, and other helpful information regarding the reporting of prescription data. Questions? Contact information is provided on the cover of each of the manuals.

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