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PSP Duties and Functions

Effective May 12, 2021, 657 IAC 5 went into effect which now requires pharmacy employees which are solely employed for delivery functions to be registered with the Board of Pharmacy as a pharmacy support person.

Using the pharmacy’s established policies and procedures and the supervising pharmacist’s professional judgment, a supervising pharmacist may delegate nontechnical functions in the operation of the pharmacy (except those prohibited by 657 IAC 5.17, to an appropriately trained and registered pharmacy support person).

The pharmacist must be on site and available to supervise the pharmacy support person when delegated functions are performed, except as provided in 657 IAC Chapter 6.7 or Chapter 7.6.

The ultimate responsibility for the actions of a pharmacy support person shall remain with the supervising pharmacist. A pharmacy license holder shall not infringe on the authority of a supervising pharmacist to delegate or decline to delegate specific nontechnical functions to a pharmacy support person based on the supervising pharmacist’s professional judgment regarding the knowledge and training of the pharmacy support person.