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Technician Product Verification Programs

The Iowa  Board of Pharmacy recently finalized a complete revision of Chapter 40 relating to Technician Verification Programs (TPV), formerly known as “Tech-Check-Tech” Programs, in response to changes to the Iowa Code to allow such programs in the community setting, pursuant to Board rules.

The final rules can be found here and were effective as of June 26, 2019. Please note that existing Tech-Check-Tech programs are not automatically “grandfathered” to be deemed automatically compliant with the newly revised rules. Such programs in existence prior to June 26, 2019 will be expected to be compliant with the rules found above. If a program is not able to be compliant with the minimum standards, the pharmacy will need to seek a waiver from the Board for any rule that the pharmacy determines is not able to be complied with.

If your pharmacy wishes to establish and implement a TPV program, please complete the Technician Product Verification Program Notification form, the form will be automatically submitted to the Board.  Also, update the pharmacy’s services using the pharmacy’s online profile here

Upon implementation of the program, the pharmacy is required to complete quarterly reports of compliance. The Technician Product Verification Quarterly Report shall be completed, retained by the pharmacy, and available for inspection and copying by the board or its authorized agent.