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Any person or business registered to handle controlled substances in Iowa must, in case of any loss or theft of controlled substances under the registrant's control, report such loss or theft to the Board of Pharmacy within 14 days of discovery of the loss or theft. Federal regulations also require reporting to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

If the theft was committed by a registrant or licensee of the board or if there is reason to believe that the theft was committed by a registrant or licensee of the board, the registrant from which the controlled substances were stolen must notify the Board immediately upon discovery of the theft and identify the registrant or licensee suspected of the theft.

A registrant must complete the online DEA Form 106, print the report, and submit it to the Board. Reports must be filled out completely, including identification of the registrant, the type of loss or theft, the date of the occurrence, and a detailed listing of the substances and quantities lost. The DEA Form 106 online report is located on the DEA's website at the following location:

A registrant, following completion of the report, must maintain a copy of the DEA Form 106 for a minimum two (2) years.

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