• Question: What can our pharmacy being doing now to prepare so we are ready when the naloxone rules become effective?


    There are a few key things your staff needs to do to prepare.

    1. The pharmacists who will be participating need to be completing at least one hour of a continuing education course relating to opioid overdose and treatment. The board’s website has links to several free courses.

    2. The pharmacy needs to download the statewide standing order from the board’s website and have each authorized pharmacist (upon completion of the required criteria to be authorized) sign the standing order. This needs to be on file at the pharmacy.

    3. Research and identify in the pharmacy’s area substance abuse or behavioral health treatment programs to provide this information during training and education.

    4. Download the Eligibility Assessment form from the board’s website.

    5. Determine which, if not all, of the three naloxone product options the pharmacy will dispense. The statewide standing order authorizes three options, two of which are FDA-approved and commercially available. The third option is a pharmacy-prepared kit containing the components for the recipient to assemble a nasal spray delivery device

    6. Order sufficient supply of the naloxone product(s) the pharmacy will carry.

    7. Provide notification to customers that the service is coming soon.

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Printed from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website on October 20, 2016 at 12:01pm.