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Andrew Funk, Executive Director
(515) 281-5944

Terry Witkowski, Executive Officer
(515) 281-6676

Mitch Barnett, Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) - Associate Director

Melissa Carstens, Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Administrator
(515) 725-3492

Rebecca Carlson, Iowa Monitoring Program for Pharmacy Professionals (IMP3) Case Manager
(515) 725-2253

Amanda Woltz, Administrative Assistant
(515) 281-6674

Licensing Specialists:

Sharon Smith
(515) 725-3487
​CSA registrations and Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) support.

Deb McClure
(515) 242-5140
Resident and Nonresident Pharmacy Licensing and Nonresident PIC Registration

Cassie Lee
(515) 242-3272
Wholesale Distributor, 3PL, Outsourcing Facility, and Limited Distributor Licensing

Dakota Waltz
Technician and Technician Trainee Registration

Melanie Givens
(515) 281-5088
Intern Registration, Initial Pharmacist Licensure, Pharmacist Renewal, and Pharmacy Support Person Registration

Office Main Phone Line: 515-281-5944
Office Fax Machine: 515-281-4609

Laura Steffensmeier, Assistant Attorney General