Disposal Kit and Naloxone Dispensing Programs

Please note updated program BIN of 019538.

Effective July 1, 2021, community pharmacies in Iowa may begin to submit electronic claims for reimbursement of DisposeRx® (or other branded medication disposal solutions) dispensed to Iowa residents who may be at risk of an accidental opioid or other controlled substance misuse or overdose.  All Iowa patients are eligible to receive two disposal kits every 30-days at no-cost ($0 patient copay).  A pharmacy will be reimbursed $7.50 for providing a disposal kit and patient education, which will take into account the clinical services of the pharmacist in evaluating the patient for the appropriateness of receiving a disposal kit, as well as the nominal cost of the kits. 

DisposeRx® is available without a prescription, and pharmacies may easily submit a claim by generating a prescription using the product NDC and the pharmacy or pharmacist as the prescriber.  Additional pharmacy electronic billing information, including BIN and PCN, may be found in the FAQs below. 

Iowa pharmacies that previously participated in the Iowa pharmacy Naloxone dispensing program will receive a welcome kit from our vendor partner, DisposeRx®.  All Iowa pharmacies are encouraged to participate in the Disposal Kit Program whether or not they previously participated in the Nalxone Dispensing Program.  Pharmacies that did not receive a welcome kit by July 15, 2021, but who would like to participate in the program, may contact the Iowa PMP (pmp@iowa.gov) to request a welcome kit and receive additional program information.  More information regarding the disposal kit program can be found in the memorandum below.

Disposal Kit Dispensing Program Billing Memorandum

Disposal Kit Dispensing Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please contact the Board of Pharmacy at 515-725-3492 if you have any questions regarding the Disposal Kit or the Naloxone Dispensing Program.

Funding for this opportunity is made available through the State Opioid Response (SOR2) grant, funded by SAMHSA.

For more information regarding Naloxone Statewide Standing Order and the Naloxone Dispensing Program, please click HERE.

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