Controlled Substance Applications

General Information

Manufacturers, distributors, individual practitioners, institutional practitioners, health care institutions, emergency medical services programs, research and analytical laboratories, and teaching institutions located in Iowa must register for a Controlled Substance Registration. To be eligible to register, individual practitioners must hold a current, active license to practice their profession. The following are required to register:

  MD Manufacturer
  DO Distributor
  DDS Importer/exporter
  DVM Pharmacy
  DPM Teaching institution
  OD Emergency Medical Service programs 
  PA Researcher
  ARNP Analytical laboratory
  Hospital Health care facility

Every practitioner who administers, prescribes, stocks, or dispenses any controlled substance must be registered under both state and federal Controlled Substances Acts. Federal registration is with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). State registration is with the Iowa Board of Pharmacy. These registrations must be renewed periodically; check the respective registration certificates for expiration dates. Registration certificates must be maintained at the registered location. Registration is for a specific practice location. Practitioners who stock and dispense controlled drugs at more than one practice location must obtain a registration at each practice address. Practitioners who make a change in their practice location must notify both the state and federal offices.

Change of Practice Location

Notify the Iowa Board of Pharmacy and the federal DEA whenever you change the location of your practice or when additional offices are opened. Each practice location where controlled substances are stocked and delivered to patients requires a separate registration. Contact Diana Carlos-Pirillo or Cassandra Lee (telephone 515-281-5944) and the St. Louis DEA office (Drug Enforcement Administration, 317 S. 16th Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63103 or telephone 888-803-1179) for the appropriate forms, instructions, or if you have questions.

Practitioners Moving Into Iowa

Prior to applying for registration for controlled substances, practitioners must have a license to practice their profession from the appropriate Iowa licensing board. Application for the Iowa Controlled Substance Act (CSA) registration should be submitted prior to contacting the DEA for a new or modified registration. A practitioner who moves his or her practice into Iowa or who moves to a different location within Iowa may request that DEA modify a current registration to reflect the address change by contacting the St. Louis, Missouri DEA office (888-803-1179) or by processing the change request on the DEA's web site at  A practitioner changing practice locations within Iowa must also request modification of an Iowa CSA registration by submitting a written request to the Board via U.S. Postal Service, fax (515-281-4609), or E-mail to Diana Carlos-Pirillo.

For more information, see 657 I.A.C. Chapter 10 - Controlled Substances.

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