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Every wholesaler, wherever located, that engages in wholesale distribution into, out of, or within Iowa must be licensed by the Board in accordance with the laws and regulations of Iowa before engaging in wholesale distribution of prescription drugs. An Iowa wholesale drug license expires on December 31 of each year.  

EFFECTIVE January 1, 2018,  EVERY wholesaler, regardless of location, engaged in the distribution of controlled substances in Iowa is required to have a Controlled Substance Act (CSA) registration. 

Wholesale Distributor License Renewal

Wholesale Distributor, 3PLs and Limited Distributors FAQ

Where operations are conducted at more than one location by a single wholesale distributor, each location must be licensed.

“Wholesale distribution” means the distribution of a drug to a person other than a consumer or patient, or the receipt of a drug by a person other than a consumer or patient, but does not include transactions identified in Iowa Code section 155A.3(53), paragraphs “a” through “s”, and DSCSA.

“Wholesale distributor” means a person, other than a manufacturer, a manufacturer’s co-licensed partner, a third-party logistics provider, or a repackager, engaged in the wholesale distribution of a prescription drug.

The application for Wholesale Drug License is available by clicking here or you may contact the Board office to request an application be mailed or faxed. If your out-of-state facility has not been inspected within the past 12 months by your home state licensing board, additional information will be required. Contact the Board office for further information. New applicants located in Iowa will be inspected before the license is issued.

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For more information, see 657 IAC Chapter 17.

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