NAPLEX / MPJE Score Results

Results of the NAPLEX and MPJE examination for candidates seeking licensure in Iowa are posted below and provided to each new licensee as soon after the examinations as possible. Scores are listed according to candidates'  Authorization ID numbers, which are assigned by the Pearson VUE Testing Center administrator. Candidates need to write down this number as the number is retained by the testing center.

Exam Scores
ATT   Exam Name Exam Score
M1609IA714485   MPJE 74
M1704IA729289   MPJE 77
M1704IA742757   MPJE 90
M1705IA743166   MPJE 72
M1705IA746603   MPJE 80
M1705IA747244   MPJE 81
M1705IA749206   MPJE 82
M1705IA749369   MPJE 80
M1705IA750875   MPJE 77
M1705IA756309   MPJE 79
M1705IA755772   MPJE 80
M1705IA758851   MPJE 81
M1705IA761607   MPJE 83
M1705IA761839   MPJE 77
M1706IA744983   MPJE 81
M1706IA769506   MPJE 79
N1705IA737271   NAPLEX 114
N1705IA741043   NAPLEX 122
N1705IA743469   NAPLEX 112
N1705IA745072   NAPLEX 114
N1705IA745373   NAPLEX 132
N1705IA745554   NAPLEX 114
N1705IA745860   NAPLEX 109
N1705IA747410   NAPLEX 98
N1705IA753590   NAPLEX 102
N1705IA753678   NAPLEX 113
N1705IA759099   NAPLEX 103
N1705IA763759   NAPLEX 108
N1705IA762866   NAPLEX 109
N1706IA758330   NAPLEX 100
N1706IA769620   NAPLEX 98

Scores are released to boards anywhere between two to ten business days from the date the candidate sat for the exam.  The total scaled score is the overall score received on the examination.  A total scaled score of at least 75 is required for passing.

Upon the successful completion of both the NAPLEX® and the MPJE® examinations, your Iowa license will be issued and you may begin the practice of pharmacy in Iowa. You will receive a wallet card and renewal card with your license number within two weeks. A framable wall license will be ordered for you and should be delivered in two months.

We do not receive or report scores for other jurisdictions—only scores for individuals seeking licensure in Iowa.

Scores will not be given out over the phone or by email.

Contact Becky Hall for more information.

Printed from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website on June 23, 2017 at 1:05pm.