Licensure/Registration Verifications

Instructions for using this system can be downloaded at Using the Iowa Board of Pharmacy On-Line Verification Process.

Disciplinary Information

A "true" in the discipline column indicates there is public Board disciplinary information available and may include disciplinary action that has been commenced but is not yet final. A list of licensees and registrants who have been disciplined by the Board, with links to the disciplinary documents, can be found under Discipline Documents.

Licensing/Registrant Data

All of our licensing/registration data has been exported to an Excel file and is available for your use in verifying licenses/registrations. There are seven different downloads available—one for each licensing/registrant group. The files available include:

The information provided on this site is the same information provided through other means of verification and is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. It is the decision of the individual program or organization to determine if the information meets standards for which it is responsible. The Board believes that this site is appropriate for verification information, but is not responsible for determining appropriateness of the information compared to standards of any given organization or program.

Licensing files are updated daily Monday-Friday.

Controlled Substance Registration Verification

Pharmacies are not included in the controlled substance file.  Verification of these registrations may be accomplished by telephone (515-281-5944) or email to Diana Carlos-Pirillo. In addition, canceled and delinquent registrations are not included in the list.

Printing Template

An Excel file has been created to assist you in being able to print a form for a particular licensee or registrant.

  • First download the Excel file "Printing Form." Do this by right clicking on the link below and then clicking on "Save" to save to your computer. You will only need to do this once. The printing form can be found here.
  • Download the Excel file for the data you want. Once both of these files are downloaded you can then open them both.
  • In the Excel file, find the licensee/registrant that you want to verify by searching either by name or license/registration number.
  • Click on the row number for the individual, highlighting the entire row.
  • Right-click on the highlighted area and select "Copy" (or CTRL + C).
  • Switch over to the Printing form Excel file. There are seven worksheets in this file. Be sure you are on the "Copy Here" worksheet.
  • Click on the first row and right click and select "Paste" to paste the data that you copied into row 1 (or CTRL + V).
  • Click on the tab to view appropriate worksheet Print Form. There is a worksheet for each of the following categories: CSA, pharmacist, pharmacy, pharmacy technician, pharmacy support person, pharmacist intern, and wholesaler. If you are verifying a CSA registration, you would click on the CSA worksheet tab. You can now print the verification form.

Please contact Cassie Lee if you need assistance.

Lists, labels, and computer data files for pharmacists, pharmacies, or any other board licensees or registrants are available upon submission of the appropriate order form and fee. Order forms may be downloaded or may be requested from the Board office. If you want an electronic data file, to be delivered via e-mail or on diskette via U.S. Post Office, please use the data files order form. If you want a printed hard-copy list or press-apply mailing labels, please use the lists or labels order form. Requests will be processed following receipt of the completed form and payment in full. Sorry, credit card or other electronic payment is not available. Questions or requests for information not identified on either order form should be directed to Terry at 515/281-5944, via fax at 515/281-4609, or via E-mail to Terry Witkowski.

Copies of public record information maintained by the Board is available by contacting Terry by one of the means identified above. Costs will vary depending on the information requested, the amount of time needed to retrieve and copy the information, the number of copies made, and delivery costs. For the current fee schedule, see Fees for Access to and/or Copies of Public Record Information.


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