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Please familiarize yourself with the applicable rules and laws regarding the practice of pharmacy in Iowa prior to the submission of any application.

A pharmacy license issued by the Board is required for all sites where prescription drugs are offered for sale or dispensed under the supervision of a pharmacist. The current pharmacy license certificate shall be displayed in a position visible to the public. The Board may issue any of the following types of pharmacy licenses: a general pharmacy license, a hospital pharmacy license, a limited use pharmacy license, or a nonresident pharmacy license. 

Nonresident pharmacy license applicants shall comply with Board rules regarding nonresident pharmacy practice except when a waiver has been granted. 

Applicants for general or hospital pharmacy practice shall comply with Board rules regarding general or hospital pharmacy practice except when a waiver has been granted. 

Any pharmacy that dispenses controlled substances to Iowa residents must also obtain an Iowa Controlled Substances Act registration pursuant to 657 IAC 10

Complete and submit a New/Change Application found under the Pharmacy Applications/Forms and Online Services menu, with the appropriate nonrefundable fees, to the Board office.

DEA registration: The form is now available on the DEA's web site (click on registration, then click on registration applications). DO NOT mail the application to the Pharmacy Board office. The DEA registration will not be issued before the Iowa Controlled Substances Act registration application has been processed.

Licenses are issued to pharmacies under the "doing business as" (DBA) name. Be sure that all applications are completed with this DBA name listed first and that addresses on all applications are identical.

In-state Pharmacies: IMPORTANT: This procedure does NOT authorize the POSSESSION of prescription drugs (including controlled substances) prior to a formal inspection of the premises by a Board Compliance Officer to review requirements pertaining to space, library, equipment, and drug storage safeguards. Prescription drugs delivered to a new licensee prior to formal inspection and approval will be subject to seizure by the Board.

Upon receipt in the Board office of the completed applications and nonrefundable fees for a pharmacy license and an Iowa Controlled Substances Act registration, the Board will notify you of the procedure for scheduling a formal inspection of the premises. PLEASE ALLOW AT LEAST TWO (2) WEEKS' NOTICE FOR INSPECTION. Your pharmacy should be in full compliance of Iowa laws, rules, and regulations at the time of this initial inspection. 

Opening Inspection Checklist 

Telepharmacy Opening Inspection Checklist

Upon submission of a satisfactory inspection report by our compliance staff, the pharmacy license certificate and the Iowa CSA certificate will be mailed to the pharmacy and prescription drugs and controlled substances may be received. 

Please contact the Federal DEA concerning the issuance of your DEA registration and Schedule II controlled substance order forms (DEA Form 222).

Nonresident Pharmacies:

In addition to the licensure requirements identified in 657 IAC 8.35, a nonresident pharmacy must meet the following requirements:

  • The PIC must either hold a current Iowa pharmacist license or a nonresident PIC registration.  The PIC is not required to hold both.  Please see the Pharmacist in Charge menu for more information about those requirements and obtaining a NRP PIC registration, if applicable (657 IAC 657 19.3).
  • The pharmacy must provide toll-free telephone service, the telephone number of which is printed on the label affixed to each prescription dispensed or distributed in Iowa, that allows patients to speak with a pharmacist who has access to patient records at least six days per week for a total of at least forty hours (155A.13A).
  • The pharmacy must provide an inspection report that was conducted by an approved entity of the Board that was completed within two years, was conducted while the pharmacy was in operation, and addresses all services that the pharmacy conducts.  Please see the Inspection Requirements for Nonresident Pharmacies for more information (657 IAC 19.2).
  • The pharmacy must provide the NABP e-profile ID of the pharmacy and PIC (657 IAC 8.35(2)).