Nonresident Pharmacy License

"Nonresident pharmacy" means a pharmacy, including an Internet-based pharmacy, located outside the state of Iowa which delivers, dispenses, or distributes, by any method, prescription drugs or devices to an ultimate user physically located in this state. This includes pharmacies located outside the state of Iowa, which provides routine pharmacy services to ultimate users in this state.

A nonresident pharmacy shall apply for and obtain a nonresident pharmacy license from the Board prior to providing prescription drugs, devices, or pharmacy services to ultimate users in this State. Nonresident pharmacy licenses shall be renewed by December 31 of each year. Change of pharmacy name, ownership, location, or pharmacist in charge shall require a new completed application and license fee pursuant to 657—subrule 8.35(7).

The application for Nonresident Pharmacy License is available by clicking the link in the previous paragraph or you may contact the Board office to request an application be mailed or faxed. If your pharmacy has not been inspected within the past 12 months by your home state licensing board, additional information will be required. 

Visit to access the Iowa Pharmacy Law Boot Camp: Education for Iowa Nonresident Pharmacists.  The course is listed under the Featured section on the front page. 

For more information, please contact Diana Carlos-Pirillo.

Printed from the Iowa Board of Pharmacy website on April 21, 2018 at 6:21pm.